Broadbay (E.P. Launch)/ Birdskulls/ Muskets/ Beachtape/ Moodhoover

Broadbay were celebrating the release of their new EP, Living Room, by being nice and putting “on some of the best bands in Brighton”. Yeah, they did: Moodhoover, BEACHTAPE, Muskets, Birdskulls and themselves. It’d be well remiss of me not to mention that I missed the first two bands because I’m […]


The first band has an unfair advantage, they named their band Bruce Willis and actually stuck with. They’ve also written some solid melodic punk. They site Snowing and the Cloud Nothings, among their influences, but live they’re a more intense collision of joyful noise. They even take time to mention the upcoming Muskets benefit show and […]

PETROL GIRLS + CISTEM FAILURE + PERKIE + MORTGAGE + CAITLIN HT /// Benefit for Greek Island Refugee Support

At first the gig seems like a feminist/ LGBT night, a safe space full of camaraderie, with the bands having all of the hallmarks of such. However, it’s a benefit for Greek island refugee support, never intentioned to be anything else. The Cowley Club, a place famous for smashing borders […]

Matt Finucane In The Evil Empire

Matt Finucane – “In the Evil Empire” Single and Video

Matt Finucane’s restrained vocals and cold guitar are reminiscent of the early New York proto-punk bands. Not much else, however, is comparable. “The Evil Empire” is an arrangement of inconsequential atmospherics, electric guitars and processed drums; draped over Finucane’s acoustic guitar and vocals – a lifeless and inexpressive composition that […]